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Hungary - Geographical features
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Geographical features of Hungary

Hungary - the small state in the Central Europe (the square - 93 thousand the km 2), under the form bears a faint resemblance to an ellipse. Its major axis is equal 526  km also it is oriented from the West on the east, the minor axis coincides on a direction with the magnetic needle and compounds only 268 km.

Simple walk on a round of an ellipse by means of a map will help to meet neighbours. The country in the east bounds on Ukraine, on a southern semicircumference - with Romania, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, in the west - with Austria and in the north - with Slovakia.

Almost in the middle Hungary is recut by a large waterway - Danube, to the east proceeds the second river on significance - the Yew; both is from the north on the south. Their extent within Hungary compounds accordingly 417 and 598  km.

Have fifty-fifty divided a total area of the country of lowland and a mount of average altitude. The big Hungarian lowland (45 thousand in km 2.) it is had between Danube and Tisoj and wears name Alfeld. The small lowland was sheltered along northwest boundary line of the country.

The Bulk of a right bank of Danube is occupied with hilly plain - transdanubija which are recut by a strip of calcareous mounts with platoobraznymi blocks and in altitude 400-700  m. Along northeast boundary line of Hungary were drew through the higher mounts attaining a peak figure in block Matra. Here the best point of Hungary - mount Kekesh (1015) is had.

To the west of Danube there is a loch Balaton - the largest not only in the country, but also in all Central Europe, its square compounds 590  km 2. The loch posesses one more record - it the warmest in region.

In calcareous mounts karstic forms are educed. The special popularity was acquired by North Borshodsky karstic mounts with the well-known system of caves Aggtelek.

In separate regions srednegory, places and in Alfelde, it is a lot of the hot wells particulate bound to postvulcanic activity.